Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris

AllelUUia! Two services: 9:30 and 11:00

We are part of a faith that is based on tolerance (and appreciation) for a large range of theological diversity. Nowhere does that feel more apparent than on Easter Sunday, when we take cues from multiple traditions, all intending to celebrate this mysterious time of transformation. Bring a basket for the children’s egg hunt after each service.

Do You Hear?

We’ll be joined today by our stewardship leaders, Elizabeth Crawford and Lynn Griffith, to consider the importance we place in ourselves and those who come after us, “all the dreams, all the dares.” Together, we’ll participate in a ritual of giving and receiving. We’ll make our financial pledges and follow our service with a celebratory, shared potluck.

The Limits of Tyrants

Today we’ll celebrate two things: 450 years since the Edict of Torda, the first decree of religious tolerance, and we’ll dedicate the space revisioned and remodeled for our religious use today (our new offices). Join us for the history and the future of our faith. Stay after for special fellowship.