Because we need one another

Calling forth courageous and transformative ministries Empowered by love

Committed to collective liberation… because we need one another

-from the UUMA “Why” statement

Rev Katie’s Animas View

Rev Katie Kandarian-Morris

Yesterday I attended, online, the first session for the professional ministers’ organization (UUMA). Yes, this will be our second annual online gathering in a row. Later in the month, thousands of UUs will gather via Zoom for our second General Assembly held all virtually. I will be joining those thousands from the sofa in my home office. (I’ll be offering a workshop as part of the programming.) I wish we could be together in one of those ice icy, air-conditioned meeting halls with the uncomfortable chairs. I wish our work together could be informed by all the side conversations that add so much meaning and input to the important ministry we do–together.

Yes, people are tired of meeting via Zoom. People are tired generally. We’ve been through a year like no other, yet it looks as though we might be moving toward the end of the crisis, even while we see how in many parts of the world the struggle is still massive.

Here, at home, we’ll be readying to gather together again. It’ll be like setting up for a party in a new setting, with new understandings, new ways of being, a new us. Mostly, we’ll be glad, even when things aren’t exactly as we had hoped, because we want to continue building community, and . . . because we need one another.

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Come Sunday

On this first Sunday in June, our theme shifts to “Play.” Sometimes that can mean “cause something to begin operating or to have an effect; activate.” Our LGBTQIA+ Team will explore understanding expansive gender identities. Join us this Sunday at 10amLogon here.

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Always in the Love,
Rev. Katie