Guidelines for In-person Worship Beginning July 2021

In preparation for our return to in-person worship services in the Sanctuary beginning July 4, the Worship Team has developed the following guidelines for our congregation.  These guidelines represent our best understanding of current science and recommendations, with an attitude of nonjudgmental respect for varied levels of comfort and sense of safety in our Beloved Community.·      

  • Masks required for everyone·   
  • Mezzanine section of Sanctuary designated for more distant seating·   
  • Marked area set for standing when sharing Joys and Sorrows using mic on stand·   
  • Children will be under parent supervision indoors or outdoors·   
  • Humming rather than singing along to hymns permitted·   
  • Zoom service open to all who do not wish to gather in-person·   

Observations or concerns of note to be reported to a Board or Worship Team member.

We are adopting an experimental mindset with a readiness to adjust as conditions or CDC recommendations change.

We will continue our online presence if you are not yet ready to return in person.
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