Healing Trauma


This is a prayer for when words fail, for when they are not big enough or small enough to slip into the little cracks left in our hearts by life’s unbearable pressures.

This is a prayer for when the biggest noun cannot know the enormity of joy, or when the most active verb is paralyzed in the face of grief unuttered, horror undescribed, or loss beyond accounting.

This is a prayer for when words, precious emblems though they are, cannot take into their embrace the hugeness of experience or the expanse of indebtedness or the many tangles of complexity and confusion.

-Rev. Leslie Takahashi

Rev. Katie’s Animas View

Dear Ones,

Rev Katie Kandarian-Morris

Therapist and activist Resma Menakem, who has written the important book My Grandmother’s Hands, talks about historical trauma that is stored in our bodies. Even though we may have inherited trauma, it doesn’t mean that it’s our destiny.

We have some of the reparative wisdom in the deep theology of our own religious tradition. My colleague, Leslie Takahashi, leader of the Commission on Institutional Change of the UUA, writes, “How can we get back to some basic stuff, like the Universalism I was taught to mean that each of us has the potential to return to the wholeness that missteps and mistakes make us despair of ever recovering?” She confides, “Most days, I need that hope.”

I do, too. I find that my faith community is often the place where I can discover wholeness, forgiveness, appreciation of differences, and a place for healing trauma. Rev. Sunshine Wolfe reminds us of the “trauma residue” that we now carry as a result of the pandemic. Let us remember our theology, beginning with being kind to one another, as it may take a longer time to heal than we imagine.

Minister’s Circle

The last gathering of the monthly Minister’s Circle will happen on Thurday, May 13, at 4pm. After a little music, we’ll offer time for sharing, with this month’s focus what may feel like the seemingly small traumas you’ve experienced during or as a result of the pandemic. Here’s the link to join.

Come Sunday

The May theme of “Story” continues this Sunday with parables that are uniquely Unitarian Universalist. Join us this Sunday at 10amLogon here.

Always in the Love,
The Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris