I Am Worthy

The universe took its time on
crafted you to offer the world
something different from

everyone else
when you doubt
how you were created
you doubt an energy greater

than us both.

-Rupi Kaur

Dear Ones,

Rev Katie Kandarian-Morris

“I matter, I’m significant, I belong.” During this time when things still seem a bit unreal, it can be helpful to be reminded of my self worth — to remind other loved ones of their self worth. We’re nearly a full year into the pandemic, and yes, thank God (or science) that we’re seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, but we’ve still got a ways to go. We’re not quite there.

I’ve been following on social media a therapist who believes that verbalizing affirmations can do a great deal to aid our mental health. She also believes that dancing (just putting on some music and letting it go in the kitchen) can help our mental wellness and alleviate stress and anxiety.

Whether you hike, play gamesperfect your baking, or feel satisfaction in cleaning or organizing, each activity can be a reminder of your “inherent worth and dignity.”

“I am worthy of self-compassion.” “I am responsible for meeting my needs.”

Hymnals Available

I have hymnals! Would you like to purchase one to have at home? Email me and you can drop by my house to pick up your copy ($35). I’ll leave it on my porch for you if you let me know you’re coming by.

Come Sunday

I’m so glad you loved the service on Hindsight, Hope and Humor. We’ll offer the class again. This Sunday, we’ll consider the company we keep, why and how our community of faith keeps us and holds us. Join us for worship this Sunday at 10am. Logon here.

Always in the Love,

The Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris