It’s Liminal Time

We are in a liminal season: something has ended, but a new thing is not yet ready to begin.

In liminal seasons, systems and processes break down because they are supposed to. 

-Susan Beaumont

Rev. Katie’s Animas View

My dog Dolley (well, Ron’s dog that I have lots of responsibility of care for, plus I get to hug her) loves to go for walks right now. It’s cooler when we’re out and about, so she doesn’t have to run to get into the shade, and it’s fun to find leaves on the ground and growl at peoples’ Halloween decorations. It’s feeling really clear to me in so many ways, that its a liminal season.

As I’m getting ready to leave UUFD in a little more than two months, I’m beginning to look at each thing that comes up and ask, “Is this my job right now?” I’ve read and re-read the Susan Beaumont article “Overwhelm: Not a Problem to Be Solved.” The article suggests making a spiritual shift from striving to surrender. While that might sound counterintuitive, it’s actually the same spiritual work that is at the core of 12-step programs.

A popular analogy these days for navigating liminal space is the chrysalis stage of a butterly. That’s the “goo” stage. Where nothing’s there. It isn’t just our congregation that’s in the goo stage right now. The world around us is with us here.

I hope to talk with you about how you’re doing right now. Please email me if you’d like to have some conversation.

Join Us

Team and Committee Fair 
This Sunday after worship, UUFD Ministry Teams and Board Committees will be available to tell you what they do, invite connection, and offer treats. Weather permitting, there will be tables set up on the patio, or tables will be arranged inside the sanctuary at 11am-12noon. Come and discover something new and have some fun with other UUs.

Come Sunday

Sunday’s worship has shifted a bit from the October newsletter. Our pulpit guest, Juniper Meadows, along with the LGBTQIA+ Team will share the joy of being Transgender. It’s a special time for Pride, especially after the recent vandalism of our fellowship’s flags and banners. Join us in person, or online here.

Always in the Love,

The Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris