Peace, Liberty, Justice

A key part of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango’s mission is to “work toward a community with peace, liberty and justice for all.” Through our Social Responsibility and Justice Ministry, information and support are provided for doing social justice work in a manner that matches the time, talent and interests of individuals.

Social Justice Teams

Five teams are actively engaged in work on selected social justice priorities. The Basic Needs Team works to support individuals and families in need – food insecurity, homelessness, living wage, and education.  The Environmental Justice Team concentrates their work on caring for the earth and acting to address climate change.  The Healing Racism Team is focused on recognizing oppression and building just and equitable communities.  The Immigration Team partners with Compañeros, the Four Corners Immigrant Resource Center, to advocate on immigration issues and support leaders in the immigrant community.  The LGBTQ Team works for equality, respect and full inclusion of LGBTQ+ people locally and nationally.  Through our lilaison to the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, we partner to advance human rights around the world.

SR&J Activities

A second approach is to join in social responsibility and justice activities open to everyone in the fellowship and often to the community as well. Examples of actions and events include Love Out Loud service weekend, PRIDE parade and festival, educational films and presentations, participation in community marches and rallies (e.g. climate change, equal rights, common sense gun safety) and common book reads and discussion.

Share the Plate

The UUFD donates the first Sunday of the month offering collection to an identified agency working on social justice issues through our Share the Plate program. Recent recipients include 4 Corners Rainbow Youth Center, Durango Adult Education Scholarship Fund, La Plata Family Coalition, Grief Center of Southwest Colorado. If you would like to nominate a worthwhile organization to be considered as a recipient in the next cycle (October-September), click here» to fill out an online nomination form.

We also contribute to the Unitarian Universalist Social Justice service program, sending funds to meet local and international concerns through our Disaster Relief and Development Fund and we provide scholarships to nontraditional students through the Durango Adult Education Program.


For information related to the Social Responsibility and Justice Ministry, contact Bonnie Miller.



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