Children learn faith primarily from their families. At UUFD we take seriously the job of helping parents with this important task.

This is an interim time for us –we have hired trained interim staff to help us envision the future of our program and begin the work toward our new vision.

At a workshop in the fall of 2019 parents and congregational leaders met to begin the process of creating our new vision.  Our primary goal was to “actively support the parents of the 21st century by listening to their challenges.” This has been especially important during this time of pandemic. This summer we will support parents through an at-home faith formation program called Creating Sabbath Space.

What is Creating Sabbath Space?

Wise people have often said, “in times of trouble, be extra sure to keep the Sabbath.” In other words, “Be sure to set aside time and a space for worship, rest and connection.” Simply put, that is what our program Creating Sabbath Space is all about. We want to honor ancient spiritual wisdom that says worship, rest and connection are a must, not “extras” to be fit as we can. Especially during trying times.

We send resources to help families build a home chalice, nurture themselves by caring for others, honor what’s special about their family, respect the natural world and learn to connect to the congregation as a whole.