Our Family Group is looking for a new coordinator to help plan activities and special events for families. Contact Lisa McCorry, Director of Faith Formation.

August and September 2018
Children’s Faith Formation Curriculum and Family Ministry Events

September Theme:Vision
Hymn: “Meditation on Breathing”
Spiritual Practice: The practice of intentional imagination

Sunday Aug. 26                     T-Shirt Theology
Wear a T-shirt that says something you think, value or believe. Children and youth decorate T-shirts.

Sunday Sept. 2                      Water Play and Vision
Water and the 7thPrinciple: Respect for the interconnected web of all existence of which we are a part.

1stSunday Family Meet-Up Breakfast 9:15 a.m. in Columbine House. Breakfast provided. Allergy-friendly options.

Sunday Sept. 9                      Water Communion
Bring a small amount of water from a source that is meaningful to you. Experience this annual UU ingathering ceremony.

Sunday Sept. 16                    Field Day and Imaginative Play
Savor the last days of summer! High-spirited and hilarious.

SundaySept. 23                    Vision and Justice
Vision helps us see but how does a vision inform the way we are in the world?

Sunday Sept. 30                    Love Will Guide Us
Visionaries who guided Universalism, Unitarianism and the six sources from our living tradition.