Pandemic Flux

….The leaves on the trees and blades of grass

Try on new suits of yellow, orange, red and brown.

Life around us slowly retreats

And goes to sleep.

In the rest before renewal, the earth will remain

Waiting . . . waiting . . . waiting.

For the time that they are returned to us . . .

The warmth and the light.

-Rev. Viola Abbitt

Rev Katie’s Animas View

Dear Ones,

Rev Katie Kandarian-Morris

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy, of TED Talk fame, recently wrote in The Washington Post about why this stage of the pandemic makes us anxious. She calls it “pandemic flux syndrome.” While not a clinical term, it’s a descriptor for the feelings of blunted emotions, spikes in anxiety and depression, and a desire to drastically change something our lives.

We’re beyond a year and a half of pandemic now, and we’re getting ready for a cold and dark season that is more like last year’s than we would have imagined or appreciated. At the same time, we’re hearing that more and more people are becoming vaccinated, and we’re even getting closer to a vaccine for children. Our feelings are continually see-sawing, with good news and bad, with plans to travel (and then cancel?), and constant reimagining of what the months ahead look like. Then, we’re not always experiencing those long-awaited gatherings to be as satisfying as we might have hoped–we’re ready to hurry back home.

Amy Cuddy and co-writer JillEllyn Riley want to reassure us that we’re not alone in our feelings. Here at UUFD, we’ve found a way to be together, for those who feel comfortable gathering in the sanctuary and those who do not, joining worship online–this community acknowledges the need to connect. We are not alone, this community holds us, we are held by Something Larger.

Faith Formation Events

Family Breakfast Sunday, October 3rd, 9am (before worship) on the patio. Bring a breakfast item to share if you are able.

Pumpkin Decorating 11am at Coffee Hour on the patio (after Faith Formation class). Show up prepared to make your pumpkin spooktacular!

Want to help? contact Becca T.

Come Sunday

This Sunday, we will commission our newest Board of Trustee members and express gratitude to those who have completed service. Remember, you are part of the governance of UUFD. We’ll gather both in person at our sanctuary or online.

Always in the Love,

The Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris