Pride in our values

Each of us has worth and dignity, and that worth includes our gender and our sexuality.

Rev. Katie’s Animas View

Dear Ones,

Rev Katie Kandarian-Morris

At UUFD, we take our commitment to LGBTQIA+ justice and insclusion seriously. We fly our rainbow flag outside our front door as a symbol of that welcome. We want to say clearly, before you come in the door, that you are welcome here, that we value diversity of sexuality and gender and see it as a spiritual gift.

A week ago during worship, we replaced the flag and pole that had been ripped out of its holder. This past Friday night, the new flag, pole and bracket that keeps it attached to our brick building, was removed overnight. Our LGBTQIA+ Team is working on responses, including making our neighbors aware, informing law enforcement, considering a flag giveaway day, and I’ve written a letter to the editor. We will replace our flag.

Monday, October 11th, besides being Indigenous Peoples Day, was also celebrated as National Coming Out Day. May we remember that our flag is not a trivial or inconsequential symbol of our faith, but a reminder that our values take continued effort to live them out. May we live life out in the open with Pride in who we are!

Join Us

Listening Circles 
The first of these facilitated gatherings (led by the Healthy Congregation Committee) will be held this Sunday morning in Bowman Hall. This will be a time to share thoughts, feelings, and questions about what’s ahead for UUFD. 9-10am.

Come Sunday

Sunday’s worship, No Strangers Here, is a reminder of the power of covenant. Our choir will sing (via recording). Join us in person, or online here.

Always in the Love,

The Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris