Speaker: Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris

These Are The Days of Miracle and Wonder

UU ministers and congregations together exercise the practice of renewal through the ministerial sabbatical. What learning did we experience? How might that wisdom be extended in the months to come? Post-worship reflection time will include a slide show of the sabbatical trip.  

We Create Justice, Equity and Compassion

How do we stand for human rights as a core value of our faith? Let’s look at the intersection of our principles and our action. Take home a Guest at Your Table today. 

Stay afterwards for an introduction to Deep Stewardship. 

Why Do You Come to Church, Waldo?

Each Sunday we post a sermon title, description, and the preacher’s name. But is it like a movie, where we make the decision whether to buy a ticket? How is Sunday attendance anti-consumer culture? And if you’re not sure about today, be assured, the choir will … read more.

The Only Thing That Loves You More

Earlier in the month was St. Francis Day. We’ll use this acknowledgment of his love for animals as a time to bless the creatures loved by those in our fellowship. Bring photos of your cat, bunny or snake. Well-behaved dogs can show up and have … read more.