Having been involved in the Unitarian Church in Detroit and in Denver, I am very pleased to be in a place where I have a Unitarian Fellowship available to me. This is a place where I feel accepted by good people, a place where I can share my thoughts and feelings and know that they will be regarded nonjudgmentally. A place where my understanding and experience of the “spirit”, can grow and be supported in a liberal religious space. And, a place where I can give of myself in support of the Fellowship, like singing in our new choir, and benefit from the many activities and classes available. I’ve been in Durango only a short time and it’s been a large part of making this home.
Shortly after joining the Fellowship I was privileged to vote for the permanent installation of our minister, Katie. She is all I could want in a minister, and more. Katie is a leader, a friend, a person who grew up in the Unitarian Church and a person who truly cares about people.
I have come to where I don’t want to miss a Sunday because I know that I’ll be missing something special, something that I’ll be grateful for not having missed. So, come and see.