Good day! My name is Linda Gumper or Gentle Star Woman and I have been a member of the UUFD for 1 year. I had previously attended UUFD events and was a regular member of Covenent of Unitarian Universalist Pagans or CUUPS at the UUFD for 4 years. I have enjoyed CUUPS immensely, as it is a group of people from many different earth-based spiritual paths that come together in mutal respect and have a lot of fun. I started attending the UUFD regular services when one of the CUUPS members hosted it. Pretty soon I was attending the other services. I have enjoyed the people that I have met through the UUFD. It doesn’t seem to matter what my beliefs are and that all are truly welcome. I also joined about the time Rev. Katie really started. I have also enjoyed my interactions with her and love her personality.