I moved to Durango from Oregon in July 2013.  I was raised in a UU church, but I had not been a church goer in all my adult years.  I’d had community which often overlapped with my eclectic spirituality.  Church didn’t appeal to me. Didn’t need it…

When I moved to Durango I knew I needed community. I needed friends.  I needed someplace to explore spirituality.  UUFD seemed like a good place to check out.   It quickly became clear to me that being involved in UUFD would work for me.  I never imagined what an important part of my life it would become.

I’d read the “Path to Membership” early on. I felt comfortable being an active “Friend”.  I gave time, treasure and talent.  I didn’t want to be a “member”.  I didn’t want to be on the Board, nor did I want to chair a committee. It didn’t matter to me that I couldn’t vote.  I was content.

Then last spring I noticed a little nudge inside of me when the annual meeting came up. Maybe I did want to have an official voice through the voting process.  That lingered in me for a while. Over the next few months a few members asked me if I was ready to become a member.  Hmm, was I? It became clear to me that I really did want a vote. Especially I wanted my voice to count when it came to calling Rev. Katie. I want to keep her with us. She has enriched my UUFD experience in so many ways.  I joined. I was ready.