• Lisa McCorry

    Director of Faith Formation

    Lisa began her work at UUFD as a youth advisor in 2010 after serving two years in children’s programming at First Unitarian in South Bend. Originally from the Midwest, Lisa has settled in Durango with her family of five. She answered the call to professional religious leadership following a fulfilling career as a chef. Lisa enjoys expanding the hearts and minds of children and adults through meaningful programming, special events and multigenerational worships. Her culinary background feeds programming with the use of food, cooking and meal sharing as a form of community building and a window into multicultural religious exploration. Lisa believes in mulitgenerational learning, allowing faith formation to move … Continued

  • Marilyn Garst

    Music Director

    Marilyn Garst holds three degrees in music including a Ph.D.  She spent most of her career teaching and performing at Pittsburg State University in Kansas and at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.  In 2007, she took on a new role as Music Director and pianist for this fellowship and also founded an annual Recital Series.  Music has always served as Marilyn’s spiritual grounding, and she believes that music is an important part of a church’s ministry.

  • Alane Brown

    Choir Director

    Alane came to our fellowship as choir director after 15 years of experience leading a small feminist choir. She is a songwriter and producer, with 2 albums to her credit. She believes that singing is good for everyone; it keeps the mind flexible, promotes optimism and connects us to the sacred on a deep level. Alane is interested in music of diverse styles and cultures. She loves bringing music to life through our choir and strives to make the choral program accessible to singers of all ages and levels of experience.

  • Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris


    Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris has served the UU Fellowship of Durango since August of 2014. She’s a lifelong Unitarian Universalist, committed to spiritual growth and learning, a healing of the world through racial justice, and knowledge that we are better when working together toward the Beloved Community.

  • Felicia Libo

    Office Administrator

    Felicia joined us in 2015, drawn to the people and principles of UUFD and the opportunity to work with Rev. Katie in a developmental ministry. Felicia is a licensed counselor and coach, a published author of essays and articles, and has been a member of the Durango community for many years.

  • Caesar Sanchez

    picture of Cesar

    Caesar brings a palpable exuberance to the facilities and space of our Fellowship. You’ll see his smile during the week, or on Sundays during coffee hour.