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Serving Sunday coffee; a great way to get to know your fellow UU’s and a great way to help build community!

Coffee Wranglers ideally serve one Sunday a month for 3 hours.  But even once a quarter or once a year is appreciated.  No extra time for training is needed as team leads will happily orient you to all that needs to be done.

Coffee Wranglers arrive at Bowman Hall at 9:00 a.m. to start coffee and to set out snacks before going into Sunday service.  Following service, the team serves coffee and cleans up.  

Questions about this service opportunity? Please email Ilona or Kathy

Coffee Wrangler Signup Sheet

We need 3 names for each date:

Feb 02 ****Jim Dahlberg, Dennis Brown,
Feb 09 ****Ilona Hruska, Mark Swanson, Nancy Burpee
Feb 16 ****Tekla Miller, Beverly & Hal Jackson
Feb 23 ****Kathy Devine, Barry Devine, John Schwob
March 01 *Jim Dahlberg, Dennis Brown
March 08 *Ilona Hruska, Mark Swanson, Nancy Burpee
March 15 *Tekla Miller, 
March 22 *Ilona, Mark,
March 29 *Tekla Miller, 

Use this form to sign up for a Sunday Coffee Time

Coffee Wrangler Signup Form