Click the Donate button to make a secure on-line pledge payment or contribution. Pledge payments will be applied to your annual total pledge amount. All transactions will generate an email receipt. 

UUFD relies on financial contributions from members and friends to fulfill our mission, from maintaining our facilities and conducting worship services to doing social justice work, providing life-long learning opportunities, and much more. Our activities are not regularly supported by any outside organization.

We deeply appreciate those who contribute time, talent or treasure to our fellowship.


What is stewardship?  Each spring, during UUFD’s annual Pledge Campaign, members and friends are asked to make monetary pledges to sustain the fellowship  and its work. The financial promises made during this time make up the bulk of UUFD’s budget by far. This pledge intention allows us to plan appropriately for the Fellowship’s growth and commitments for the following fiscal year –  July 1 – June 30.

Why pledge?  UUFD depends on the generosity of members and friends to sustain and develop the church community, supporting spiritual growth and development in all generations and continuing important social justice work. The pledge also serves to deepen the commitment of members in their relationship to the community. 

How does it work? Members are contacted early in the calendar year with information about pledging. They are asked to submit their pledge cards at a special Sunday Service in March called “Celebration Sunday.” There is always a need for congregants to volunteer to help with the campaign. There are plenty of tasks that don’t’ require helpers to actually ask for money.

Click here for “Fair Share Guidelines” to aid in planning your pledge…

Questions about stewardship, pledging or this year’s campaign? Please contact Kathleen.