RecitalRecital Series thank yous & 2019-20 series announcement
Thank you to those in the congregation who assisted with the 2018-19 Recital Series.  The contributions I know about are listed below, and I apologize for any name omissions. I appreciate everyone’s help so much!:
  • Brochures, fliers and programs-Shanan Orndorff
  • Finances-Ron Garst
  • Publicity-Lynn Griffith and Teresa Jordan
  • Page turning-Tricia Bayless
  • Sound engineers-Dennis McClure (Unfortunately, I do not have records of the other assistants.)
  • Financial contributions-Ron Garst, John & Aline Schwob, Anita Cohen, Lois & Ken Carpenter, Elizabeth Crawford, Tom & Bonnie Miller, Tricia Bayless, Dwight & Katherine Burgess, Beverly & Hal Jackson, John Lyons & Susan Koonce, Brooks & Janice Taylor, Leigh Nielson
  • Reception coordinators-Ilona Hruska, Kathy Devine, Susan Peabody, Aline Schwob
  • Food, beverages, décor, set-up and clean-up for receptions-Elizabeth Crawford, Carolyn & Tim Miller, Connie Jacobs, Bonnie & Tom Miller, Aline & John Schwob, Marta Snow, Ann Smith, Susan Koonce, Sue Loweree, Jack & Sue Eberhart, Judy Hook, K Redford, Sheryl & Stephen Guy, Donna Nelson & Syl Allred, Julie Jordan, Kathy & Barry Devine, Susan Peabody, Mark Swanson, Nancy Fisher
I am pleased that the 2019-20 series has been finalized as follows, so please add the dates to your calendars:
  • Drea Pressley, mezzo-soprano, and Andreas Tischhauser, flute – Oct. 4, 2019
  • Mangold Duo:  Bonnie Mangold, cello, and Marilyn Garst, piano – Nov. 22, 2019
  • John O’Neal, percussion-Feb. 28 or March 13, 2020 (waiting for date confirmation)
  • Montage Music Society (4 musicians from Santa Fe will present music inspired by visual art) – April 24, 2020
Marilyn Garst, Artistic Director