Recital Series 2016-17 and 2017-18
Thank yous, and looking ahead to next year

Thank you so much to those who assisted with the 2016-17 Recital Series. The series would not be possible without the kind of help received from the following members:
Brochures, posters, programs and finances-Ron Garst
Publicity-Lynn Griffith and Teresa Jordan
Page turning-Tricia Bayless
Sound engineers-Ed Cox, Tom Miller
Reception coordinators-Marta Snow, Ann Smith, Bernardine Cox, Katherine Burgess
Food, beverages, decorations, set-up and clean-up for receptions-Bernardine Cox, Katherine Burgess, Elizabeth Long, Julie Jordan, Lisa Govreau, Lynn Griffith, Jack and Sue Eberhart, Carolyn and Tim Miller, Aline Schwob, Marta Snow, Ann Smith, Bonnie and Tom Miller, Nancy Fisher, Joanna Jennings, Allison Anderson, Connie Jacobs, Marye Jackson, Dell Manners, Susan Koonce and John Lyons, Donna Nelson and Syl Allred, Elizabeth Crawford, Judy Hook, Susie Francis, Kathleen Adams, Janice Taylor, K Redford, Lois Carpenter
Financial contributions-Ron Garst, Don and Judy Hayes, John and Aline Schwob, Lois and Ken Carpenter, Graham and Ann Smith, Susan Koonce and John Lyons, Tricia Bayless, Dwight and Katherine Burgess, Connie Jacobs, Teresa Jordan, Elizabeth Long and Bill Wallhauer
Hugs of appreciation to all of you from Marilyn Garst.

Cello Etching
J. Reynolds

The Recital Series for 2017-18 has been organized. The artists and dates are as follows:
Brandon Christensen, violin, assisted by Marilyn Garst, piano-Oct. 13, 2017
Erik Gustafson, tenor, assisted by Marilyn Garst, piano-Dec. 8, 2017
Anne Eisfeller, harp-March 2, 2018
Southwest Piano Trio (Kay Newnam, violin, Bonnie Mangold, cello, Marilyn Garst, piano), assisted by Lori Lovato, clarinet-April 27, 2018