In addition to the activism that is core to Unitarian Universalism, people are hungry for a deepening of their soul-level connections with life regardless of whether they are agnostic or deeply spiritual.

The staff of Faith Formation is committed to providing activities, book studies, and classes that support individuals on this path. Examples of past offerings include:

  • Circles of Trust: Geography of Grace, led by Rev. Barbara Coeyman.  This class met every other week for twelve weeks, utilizing the approach developed by Dr. Parker Palmer. Participants were invited to explore their inner geography to get in touch with their own innate wisdom.
  • Buddhis Voices in Unitarian Universalism was a book study that looked at the surprisingly close relationship between Buddhist principles and UU principles. The class met weekly for six weeks.
  • Covenant groupsThere are about eight covenant groups that meet regularly and serve about half of the members.  Some of these use independent readings for their study,  and others use the monthly curriculum from the Soul Matters Sharing Circle.
  • Creativity Matters consists of a small group that meets monthly to express their faith through the arts. This group uses this curriculum as a guide.

New adult faith formation opportunities are often in the works and are shared in the monthly newsletter when they are scheduled.