As a child and teenager, the Episcopal Church gave me an appreciation for ritual and a sense of mystery. Later, in graduate school and as a college teacher, I was drawn to books, art, music and experiences that celebrated Nature, the seasons and transitions in the natural world. Using poetry, art, dance and solitary rituals, … Continue reading Marilyn


I’m fairly new at the UUFD, but from the beginning I have felt at home in this community of seekers. Here, I’m not afraid to ask hard questions of myself and others about religion, morality, and our place in the universe. The elements of a UUFD Sunday service–the music, the children’s story, the message, connecting … Continue reading Elizabeth


I’ve been a member for over 10 years now and have become more involved in the satisfying ‘shared ministry’ of the congregation by giving back and serving on several teams and committees. The people and the beloved community at UUFD coupled with the benefit of having a spiritual home are important aspects for all to … Continue reading Lynn


I moved to Durango from Oregon in July 2013.  I was raised in a UU church, but I had not been a church goer in all my adult years.  I’d had community which often overlapped with my eclectic spirituality.  Church didn’t appeal to me. Didn’t need it… When I moved to Durango I knew I … Continue reading Nancy


I came to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango when I found myself wanting the support and connection of a community that values the quest for meaning and spiritual growth, rather than expecting a particular set of beliefs or creed.  I wanted to be with others who share a concern for the well-being of our … Continue reading Bonnie


When my family and I moved to Durango, we were looking for a community to provide the foundational support for our two young children that is needed according to our “It Takes A Village” philosophy.  The UU of Durango was exactly what we were looking for.  It has instilled a sense of service and ethics … Continue reading Steve