Covid Policy

(approved July 27, 2021)

B-8.1.5 (R) COVID-19 Pandemic

The Board’s duty of care requires oversight of the church’s human and material
resources to ensure that they are used for the benefit of its mission. The Board is
grounded in its duty by Unitarian Universalist principles including:

• Concern for the most vulnerable
• Accessibility and inclusion of all members and friends
• Recognition of our part in the interdependent web and that our risk-taking
and protective actions affect more than just ourselves.
• Ethical treatment of our leaders and staff requires minimizing risks to them.
• Good science and our UU values must be the basis for decisions.
• Commitment to our mission, community, and theology
• Mindful of the spiritual demands of transition.
• Hope that we will create “a new normal” with more justice, more love, more
equity, more sustainability, and more peace.

With the number fully vaccinated people increasing and the number of COVID-19
cases declining, and our strong desire to connect in-person it has become possible
for gatherings to resume on the UUFD campus with certain restrictions.

It is understood that these recommendations are subject to change as state and local
guidelines are updated.

Advanced reservations by a UUFD member are required for all areas and must be
confirmed through the Church Office Administrator.


UUFD groups are permitted to gather on campus and must observe the following:
Masks are recommended for all unvaccinated people 2 years and older.


• Masks are required inside all buildings at UUFD, regardless of vaccination
status. Children under 2 years old are exempt from mask requirement.
• All volunteers and staff for the Faith Formation program must be fully
• The use of N95 masks is highly recommended.
• Ventilation using window fan(s) pushing air out of window(s) on one side of
the meeting area and allowing fresh air to enter from open window(s) on the
opposite side of the meeting area shall be used.
• Seating will be reserved in the Sanctuary and other areas for those who
prefer to maintain six-feet of physical distancing.
• Worship services must be multiplatform.
• Requirements for office use are a staff decision.

UUA GUIDELINES for Gathering in Covenantal Community (June 1, 2021)

• Individuals take preventative measures to protect self and others.
• Group takes time to listen deeply to one another’s concerns and fears before
making any decisions, even if everyone is vaccinated.


Worship Team will establish guidelines for UUFD based on latest UUA guidelines.


Circle Suppers are designed to be small groups (6-8). Gatherings will follow latest
guideline from local health department regardless of the vaccination status of


• Outdoor dining only.
• Masks are recommended for all unvaccinated people 2 years and older
except when actively eating.
• Seating should be provided for those who prefer to maintain six-feet of
physical distancing.
• Minimize objects touched by multiple people.
• Provide hand sanitizer.

Food Service:

• Bring your own food/beverage and utensils.
• Pot Luck – at the discretion of the group.
• Use hand sanitizer before going through service line.

As determined by Staff, special consideration may be given to Social Justice activities
or other circumstances that fall outside the stated guidelines.

B- (R) Participants’ Responsibilities

Participants must notify the UUFD office staff with any positive COVID test
results within 14-days of attending an event at UUFD. The office will notify
the health department.

B- (R) Restroom Use

Follow posted cleaning procedures.

B- (R) Group Organizers

Group organizers must be members of UUFD and assume the following

• Apply for and reserve a defined space with UUFD office staff following
reservation procedures developed by staff.
• Remain onsite for the entire meeting and agree to enforce these safety
• Understand that non-compliance may result in revocation of the use
of space for gatherings.

B- (R) Staff Responsibilities

Staff responsibilities include:

• Scheduling meeting times and spaces;
• Developing and implementing reservation forms and procedures; and
• Reporting to local health authorities the names and contact
information of any participants they learn of who test COVID positive
within 14-days of attending an event on the UUFD campus.

B- (R) COVID-19 Monitoring

This policy is subject to change as local COVID-19 conditions change

Date approved by Board of Trustees: 27 July 2021

To Make a Reservation
for an In-Person Meeting

Committee & Teams Listing…(.pdf)

Attendance Report Form / Exit Checklist… (.pdf)
Please print a copy, complete, and drop off in church office mailbox. Thanks.