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UUFD occasionally provides space for community events. For information about our facility use policies, see our policies below.

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Adopted by UUFD Board of Trustees: August 27, 2019

UUFD facilities are available for meetings and programs that fall within the ministry, mission, and purpose of UUFD as expressed in the UUFD Mission Statement and the Unitarian Universalist Association Principles and Purposes. In addition, members and unaffiliated organizations, whose objectives are compatible with our mission, may request use of space.

Partisan political groups are prohibited from UUFD facilities use unless the purpose of the group is clearly within the UUFD mission. Facilities may be used for free and open, non-partisan discussions of political issues. For example, a neighborhood meeting to discuss a planning project would be allowed; a rally for a candidate, however, would be prohibited. Such use is subject to regulations enumerated below.

Precinct caucuses, although partisan, are the grass roots of the democratic process. They are activities of non-profit organizations, namely political parties. Caucuses of political parties may be held in UUFD facilities subject to the regulations enumerated below. Attempts to exclude any particular political party from caucusing in UUFD facilities is prohibited.

In keeping with Unitarian Universalist principles of non-discrimination, no individual or group will be denied use of space on the basis of religion, race, sex, national origin, disability, familial status, sexual orientation, sexual/gender identity, age, or public assistance status.

Any conflicts about facilities use and scheduling shall be resolved by direct conversation between interested parties. The UUFD church administrator is not responsible for adjudicating such issues. Facilities users shall comply with all UUFD non-discrimination principles and UUFD Health and Safety policies and regulations, including those regarding alcohol and open flames.


The following fees may be required for short term or single use. Long term (beyond 4 weeks) contracts are negotiated separately. A $100 refundable custodial deposit must be received by the Office Administrator from ANY group prior to placing the event on the UUFD calendar unless waived by the Board of Trustees of its assigns. An additional refundable deposit of $250 is required if A/V equipment will be used (if available). If all is in order after the event, the deposit will be returned.

The UUFD Board of Trustees reserves the right, based on the size of the event and wear on the facility, to increase or decrease the rental fees at any time.

The Basic Rates are as follows: 

Sanctuary Building $150 per hour

Bowman Hall* $50 per hour 

Columbine House* $50 per hour 

Wedding Non-Member $300 Flat Fee

     with Bowman Hall Reception $200 Flat Fee added

Piano Use by Minister’s Discretion

A/V Assistance $50 per hour (if available)

Nominal Fee for Non-Profit = Discount of 25% (with proof) 

*Includes kitchen