Worship services will now be held both in person at the sanctuary and via Zoom.
Please choose the option that makes you most comfortable. 

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Summer Series – “Lead Ourselves into the Well”

Our Summer Series this year uses a song as a touchstone: “We Shall Be Known” by MaMuse.  Many recordings of the song can be found online, including one by the duo who wrote the song, Sarah Nutting & Karisha Longaker.  You may recognize the song from a Sunday service earlier in the year when the UUFD choir performed it. 

One line in the song in particular inspired our theme: “It is time we lead ourselves into the well.”  As we imagine what those words might mean, we envision speakers telling their personal story about what leads them into a deeper, fuller spiritual life where they thrive – what leads them “into the well.”

We hope that our Summer Series will provide an opportunity to learn from each other the many ways to “lead in love,” as MaMuse encourages us to do during this “Great Turning.” The Great Turning is a name for the essential adventure of our time: a transition between eras, a shift from the Industrial Growth Society to a life-sustaining civilization.  Joanna Macy speaks of the Great Turning as a spiritual revolution grounded in an awakening consciousness of our spiritual connection to one another and the living body of the Earth. 

 –The Worship Team (Anna Royer, Bonnie Miller, Tom Miller, Sheryl Guy, Tim Miller, Mary Ocken)

By the Book

The Sunday New York Times features a regular column on writers and what has influenced them. How might we answer the questions they are asked, such as, ‘what’s on your nightstand?’, ‘your favorite book as a child?’, ‘what book most influenced you?’ Bring a book … read more.