“People come to church longing for, yearning for, hoping for … a sense of roots, place, belonging, sharing and caring. People come to a church with a search for community, not committee.” — Glenn Turner

What are Covenant Groups?
Covenant Groups are deep listening groups where topics are explored in a safe and intimate environment. As stated in our recently adopted new procedures, “Covenant Groups are intentional lay-led small groups that deepen and expand the ministry of the congregation. Covenant Groups offer the gifts of spiritual and emotional connection. We listen to each other. We listen to our lives. We listen to our deepest selves.”

Why are they called Covenant Groups?
As a covenantal faith, our UU covenant groups are guided by a covenant created by each group. The covenant states how members “will be” with each other and offers other guidelines.

What do Covenant Groups talk about?
The topics discussed are chosen by the groups themselves and range from small group ministry resources and books to Soul Matters themes. The Soul Matters themes are the monthly themes used in worship and in faith formation. These groups go deeper into the monthly theme.

How many people are in a Covenant Group?
Covenant Groups are comprised of at least six and no more than ten people. As a new person just joining the program you may choose to join an existing group with less than ten members or wait until a new group of six can be formed.

Who is eligible to be in a Covenant Group?
Groups are open to UUFD Members and Friends. The term Friends has been defined by our Membership Team and is understood to mean people who regularly attend worship, pledge and/or give service to the Fellowship.

How often do Covenant Groups meet?
Each group answers this question for themselves. Generally, groups meet once or twice a month for 90 minutes. 

How long is the commitment? What if I wish to leave or change my group?
We ask that new members consider at least a year in their first Covenant Group. Annually, each Covenant Group members will be offered the option of staying in their group, trying a different group or leaving the program.

I’m ready to sign up, what do I need to do?
Fabulous! Just email Sharon, Coordinator of Faith Formation, to let her know you are interested in joining a Covenant Group.