Social Responsibility and Justice – process to add new social justice team and area of focus

If UUFD individuals recognize a need for expanding our social justice work into additional areas, there is a process which supports development of a new team. The SRJ Coordinating Team recently identified a set of criteria for how a new UUFD justice priority and team might arise and begin work. The emphasis is on interest and commitment to a justice area expressed by members of the fellowship.  

Here are the criteria:

  • Minimum of 4-6 people express desire to form a team focused on an identified social justice need that supports the UUFD mission
  • 1-2 people indicate a willingness to lead/co-lead the team
  • Purpose and vision for the team is identified
  • Willingness to commit at least two years to the identified social justice team work
  • Commitment to regular communication and meetings to forward progress
  • Commitment to engage in education, advocacy, and partnership in the community as appropriate
  • Team leader(s) commits to participation in SRJ Coordinating Team

Use the form below to request approval for a new social justice team based on the criteria above.  Click the Submit button once form is complete. The SRJ Coordinating Team will review any requests, and talk with those expressing interest, looking to confirm readiness for successfully beginning a new team. Questions about a potential new team are welcome; contact the church office,, for connection to Social Responsibility and Justice Coordinating team members.

Application for a New Social Justice Team

  • Click the Submit button below.