UUFD Board of Trustees:

Tom Miller, President  president@durangouu.org

Elizabeth Long, Vice President  vicepresident@durangouu.org

Vanessa Self, Secretary  secretary@durangouu.org

Mark Swanson, Treasurer  treasurer@durangouu.org

Kathleen Adams, Member-at-Large  mal1@durangouu.org

Julie Jordan, Member-at-Large  mal2@durangouu.org

Becky Malecki, Member-at-Large mal3@durangouu.org

Regular Board meetings are held the 4th Tues of each month from 6:00-8:30 PM

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New Board Member (FY2019) Bios

Mark Swanson, Treasurer
Mark has been a UU for 10 years and a member of UUFD since Feb. 2017. Before moving to Durango in 2017, he was a member of Olympia Unitarian Universalist Congregation, serving on their Board of Directors as Treasurer for four years. Besides serving on UU boards, he enjoys long walks with his spouse.

Becky Malecki, Member At Large
Becky is a big fan of both UUs and Colorado. She was born and raised in Chicago but knew, at an early age, that that was a cosmic mistake. At 18 she moved to Boulder (to attend CU). At 22 she moved to Fort Collins so she could live on the land and own as many horses and dogs as possible. There, over a 20 year period, she acquired a marriage, a Master’s degree, and two adopted children. In Fort Collins she worked as a social worker, a civil court mediator, a meeting facilitator, and helped start an alternative school. A life detour took her to North Carolina where her sanity was saved by the UUs of Wilmington (and horses!). After a divorce and her kids leaving home, she had the opportunity to move back to Colorado. She’s now teaching elementary school in Bayfield and happily exploring the Four Corners area – and loves camping in the desert with Durango UUs!

Julie Jordon, Member At Large
I grew up in Atlanta GA.  I am the mother of a son and a daughter, and the grandmother of three. I taught Special Ed for 30 years.  I have been a UU since the early 70s, UUFD is the fourth Unitarian congregation to which I have belonged. I have done everything from make coffee to teach the New UU classes.  My husband Dennis and I were married in UUCA in Atlanta; we had ‘Let It Be a Dance We Do’ played and everyone danced at our wedding. Belonging to a UU church has been a touchstone in my life for over 40 years.