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Beyond Voting and Black Lives Still Matter

Pulpit Guest: Anthony Nocella II

Let’s consider strategies and tactics to build and participate in a healthy democracy beyond simply voting for the purpose of creating a just and peaceful community. The acknowledgment of Black History Month provides the backdrop to discuss the importance of Black Lives Matter and how we can work toward racial justice and equity.

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I’m fairly new at the UUFD, but from the beginning I have felt at home in this community of seekers. Here, I’m not afraid to ask hard questions of myself and others about religion, morality, and our place in the universe.

The elements of a UUFD Sunday service--the music, the children's story, the message, connecting with others--stir the emotions and intellect. The message comes not from doctrine, and not from the minister alone. We hear from the best thinkers, past and present, from every religion and philosophy, and explore principles that may be universal or controversial. Read the full testimonial.