And Service Is Our Prayer: The Spirituality of Lay Leadership

How might spiritual development be enhanced by service? As UUFD transitions to a new church year, let us consider opportunities to deepen spiritual life through service within our fellowship.

Mixing Gestures

4 Corners UU Retreat at Pine Song NO SERVICE TODAY AT UUFD A celebration of UU’s special gift to the world: the ability to live religiously in mixed and mixing ways.

Booze, the Bible, and the Ballot

Some supporters of women’s suffrage wanted the movement to keep itself separate from the Prohibition drive. Come experience a Readers’ Theatre exploration of how the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), under its dynamic leader Frances Willard, mounted a campaign to convince women it was their Christian duty to vote.

Dissolving Barriers

Connecting with another human being entails respect, trust and some level of understanding. How do limiting beliefs about people different from oneself get in the way of deeply connecting? How can our lives benefit by befriending someone whose reality is different from ours?

Lammas: First Harvest

As the hot days of August come upon us, pagans recognize the first harvests of grain, oats, and wheat. How can this celebration infuse our lives with a sense of abundance?

Generosity as a Spiritual Practice

As we begin to consider options for improving our overall campus plan, how might we consider this ministry of stewardship, of generosity, as one of our life practices?