Speaker: Rev. Barbara Coeyman

Honoring Mother Earth’s Healing Power

There is a newly identified healing practice called “Ecotheraphy,” based on a principle many of us have known for years: that spending time in nature makes people healthier. That is, dirt has healing powers. This recent therapy is being applied intentionally to populations such as veterans of … read more.

Is This a Faith for the Few?

Unitarian Universalism’s greatest diversity challenge may be about class. While the values of this liberal faith promote equity, equality, and diversity, congregations tend to be populated by educated professionals. How does social class influence congregational life, here at UUFD and denominationally. What does class have … read more.

Many Faces of Universalism’s Liberating Love

Modern UU identity owes much to historical Universalism, established in the late eighteenth century. Core to this popular American denomination, Universalism was a heretical theology defined by an all-encompassing love which leaves no one out, a stark counter to prevailing Calvinism. In the 21st century, … read more.