Speaker: Rev. Barbara Coeyman

Truthiness and Atonement

Several years ago the comedian Colbert coined the term “truthiness:” that is, truth which is determined by intuition and perception without regard to evidence, facts, or logic. In contrast, how might we practice and promote conversation grounded in substance and reliability? What might we learn … read more.

The Story of Membership

I wonder if anyone has heard stories about Unitarian Universalism being an “anything goes” sort of religion, or that Unitarian Universalists don’t need to believe in anything. Let’s reframe those “anything goes” stories, to consider a constructive framework which defines free religion and membership in … read more.

Celebrating Our Volunteers

Today we recognize the many volunteers who have participated in shared ministry to UUCM this year: leadership of committees, groups, and projects, and the all-important Religious Education teachers and students.

Our congregation is a Voluntary Association, in the words of James Luther Adams.  Volunteering is … read more.

Mother’s Day: A Day for Peace

Our modern celebration of Mother’s Day started as a call by Unitarian Julia Ward Howe in 1870 for Mother’s Peace Day.

On this day of honoring all mothers as well as anyone who nurtured us, let us remember to promote peace around the world for … read more.

Old Maps No Longer Work

Are there places in your life where “old maps” — that is, traditional habits, perhaps some which you’ve held for a long time — are no longer serving you? How can you know when an old map has led you to a dead end? What … read more.

Whether to Growth?

When I hear congregations express a desire to grow, this usually means growing in membership. However, congregations cannot just will growth in numbers. Greater numbers is nurtured by other types of growth: spiritual deepening, organizational maturity, and outreach to the community. Sometimes growth in number … read more.