Speaker: Rev. Barbara Coeyman

A Good Goodbye

I will review the meaning of a “good goodbye” and the importance of this mindset as UUFD prepares for ministerial transition. Perhaps any of us will go all the deeper in realizing changes and transitions which have been happening during these two years which we may not have been aware of.

The Gifts of Community

In June worship services, I will offer concluding reflections about the two-year interim period which is coming to a close. Today let’s consider the Gifts available to us through religious community and how both our inner and outer worlds can be transformed by building positive community. Let’s include reflection on our spiritual deepening program, “Circles … Continue reading The Gifts of Community

Celebrating Our Volunteers

Today we recognize the many volunteers who have participated in shared ministry to UUFD this year: leaders of governance; leadership and members of teams and committees; teachers and students in Faith Formation; and more. Our congregation is a Voluntary Association, in the words of James Luther Adams.  Volunteering is essential to the stewardship of this … Continue reading Celebrating Our Volunteers

Honoring Mother Earth’s Healing Power

There is a newly identified healing practice called “Ecotheraphy,” based on a principle many of us have known for years: that spending time in nature makes people healthier. That is, dirt has healing powers. This recent therapy is being applied intentionally to populations such as veterans of combat with PTSD, victims of sexual assault, and at-risk youth. … Continue reading Honoring Mother Earth’s Healing Power