Speaker: Rev. Barbara Coeyman

Deeds, Not Creeds: Walking Together in Covenant

The free faith of Unitarian Universalism is grounded not on common beliefs but on common covenants: our promises for creating compassionate, loving relationships with one another. The centuries-long history of covenants affirms their importance in today’s world challenged by extreme partisanship, on-going pandemic, and worldwide … read more.

Grounding Ourselves in Everyday Spiritual Practice

“Spirituality” is wide-ranging in meaning and practice. I experience “spirituality” as “connections” of several types, which are strengthened through regular spiritual practice. Unitarian Universalist minister Scott Alexander encourages “Everyday Spiritual Practice.”

How might Rev. Alexander’s ideas enhance personal and congregational connections for you?

“Spirituality” is … read more.

Coming Back, Writing New Stories

Water Communion
As we celebrate the start of a new church year, on this “In-Gathering” Sunday, we remember past stories of belonging and new stories of looking ahead in our personal lives and in this community of liberal faith. In this annual ceremony of the water … read more.