Activities on the horizon

UUFD members and friends make a difference in our Ministerial Search process. During September and October, please participate in the following upcoming opportunities, to ensure your voice has been heard:


You will be encouraged to share more deeply your thoughts related to selecting our new Settled Minister.  The Focus Group/Cottage Meeting schedule is as follows:

  • Saturday, 9/16, 10 am – Worship Arts Focus Group.
  • Sunday, 9/17, 8:45 am – Cottage Meeting; 11:15am – Cottage Meeting.
  • Sunday, 9/24, 8:45 am – Social Justice Focus Group; 11:15am – Cottage Meeting.
  • Tuesday, 9/26, 5:30 pm – Board and Finance Focus Group.
  • Wednesday, 9/27, 1 pm – Staff Focus Group.
  • Thursday, 9/28, noon – Cottage Meeting.
  • Saturday, 9/30, 4 pm – Cottage Meeting.
  • Sunday, 10/1, 8:45 am – Parents Focus Group; 10:30am – Children and Focus Groups during FF classes.

All Focus Groups and Cottage Meetings will last one hour and will be located in Bowman Hall. Cottage Meeting sign-ups will be available after Sunday services.


We will be hosting a workshop facilitated by a UUA trainer – either “Beyond Categorical Thinking” (BCT) or “Breaking Barriers, Building Beliefs” – to be scheduled one of the final two October weekends. Issues around race/ethnicity, gender/gender identity, disabilities and health concerns, and sexual orientation will be addressed. The whole congregation is encouraged to participate; MSC members are expected to attend; and congregational leaders are strongly encouraged to attend. Hosting the workshop signals to members and potential ministers alike our commitment to full equality and ongoing learning about anti-racism and anti-oppression.

We are committed to this thorough process with transparency throughout, in covenant and with confidentiality when necessary. We take this mission seriously and look forward to sharing this continuing sacred journey.

Your MSC members: Allison Andersen, Bonnie Miller, Connie Jacobs, Lisa McCorry, Liz Volz, Sheryl Guy, and Tim Miller