Beware of scam emails and texts

We recently received several reports of scam emails claiming to be from Rev Barbara Coeyman. This is a fairly frequent occurrence and we are aware. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to prevent these emails, but we can be prepared to protect our information.

Most of these emails ask the recipient to purchase gift cards or to reach out to help with “a favor.” Typically, they use phrases such as “Immediate attention required,” or “Urgent request.” They may ask you to only reply by email rather than by phone. If you reply, you could be prompted for more information and/or redirected to a phony website that is designed to harvest your financial information. Remember, UUFD will NEVER contact you by email with a request to purchase gift cards, nor will we ask for personal verification information by email.

If you receive such an email, please don’t engage or respond. If you are in doubt of whether it’s legitimate or not, please let office staff know your questions/concerns by emailing