Black Lives Matter

“How am I feeling? It’s hard to describe. It’s important to remember that nothing that happened today changes the fact that we were witness to a man losing his life in the most excruciating way, while constantly saying he couldn’t breathe and begging for intercession from his dead mother. Some things you will never get out of your mind. Rather than say of the verdict that this is the best-case scenario, I’d prefer to say that it’s the least worst-case scenario.”

-Jelani Cobb, in The New Yorker

Dear Ones,

Rev Katie Kandarian-Morris

There were many tears of relief yesterday after the verdict came from the Derek Chauvin case. The city of Minneapolis has been traumatized and traumatized again by witnessing this murder, by the feelings of helplessness of not being able to help George Floyd even while pleading with the police. Just this week, another young man, Duante Wright, was shot by police just down the road.

So, although there was relief Tuesday, and for some, a feeling of hope that the accountability that took place for the family of George Floyd may have opened a crack, there is still a need for justice so that black people, indigenous people, and people of color can go about their daily activities of life without fear of losing their lives. The conversations must continue about what our nation will do about how we continue to police ourselves. The history is not good, and we’ll continue the trauma if we don’t reexamine our practices and our motives.
For today however, let’s say a prayer of gratitude, that our citizens can feel “we matter.”

2020-21 Common Read

The UUA Common Readthis year is Breathe: A Letter to My Sons, by Imani Perry. Published by Beacon Press, Perry breathes life about parenting in an unjust world. Shall we reflect on this book together?

Come Sunday

The April theme of “Becoming” concludes this Sunday as we consider the Taoist principle of non-striving even as we work for justice. Might there be a way that is healthier and more just? Lawrence Nass provides our music. Join us this Sunday at 10amLogon here.

Always in the Love,
The Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris