End of Life Options

The Denver-based Compassion & Choices Action Network will provide financial resources and technical expertise to the Colorado campaign effort to place the Medical Aid in Dying Initiative on November’s ballot. To make this happen 98,492 signatures are needed by August 8th.

The Colorado End of Life Options Act will allow a terminally ill adult to request aid-in-dying medication from their physician that the person can self-administer to shorten a dying process that becomes unbearable.

Compassion & Choices Action Network President Barbara Coombs Lee issued the following statement:
“The Colorado End of Life Options Act is modeled after the law that has worked well in Oregon for the past 18 years… Terminally ill Coloradans should be able to make these deeply personal end-of-life decisions, together with their families, doctors and spiritual advisors. This includes the option to request medication from their doctor that they could take to shorten the dying process if suffering becomes unbearable. Coloradans want this option. And it is our hope that come November, their voices will prevail and Colorado will become the sixth state to include medical aid in dying among the authorized end-of-life options for terminally ill individuals.”

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