Owning Your Religious Past


May 3, 2021    
6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

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If you came to Unitarian Universalism from a different faith, you may be interested in our upcoming class, Owning Your Religious Past. This three-session, 90 minute class will take place on Mondays, April 19, 26 and May 3 at 6:30.

Many of us come to Unitarian Universalism from other religions; often there have been several stops along the path into our congregations. Some of us bring with them angry and unresolved feelings about experiences in other religious institutions, others have warm memories. Some move easily into an identity as a Unitarian Universalist; others experience a traumatic estrangement from family and from the center of their culture.

Because we are often more certain of what we left in another religion than what we bring forward from it, some tools are needed to help us make connections and bridges between our religious past and present. This class is designed to help UUs understand and reconcile their past faith with Unitarian Universalism. It is for longtime and life-long Unitarian Universalists and the very newest to our faith.

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