Faith and Learning

A room without books
is like a body
without a soul.


Rev Katie’s Animas View

Dear Ones,

Rev Katie Kandarian-Morris

I imagine I’m a bit like you, only beginning to process the horror taking place in Afghanistan. Sometimes I find myself reading all the newspaper articles, then at other times, I need to get away. A good book becomes the balm for all that worries me.

Besides my summer reading, and the accumulation of a few new books for my pile, I’ve been checking out books on my library phone app. I can browse wherever I am. While I was traveling, I visited libraries in those towns. I made a trip to a funky bookstore in Los Angeles and walked through the famous book tunnel that felt like a literary hug.

Back at home, I’ve been cleaning off my shelves, not only to have less mess, but to discover some of the books I own which I need to revisit. I love reminding myself of my books; one of my favorites is signed by prominent Unitarian minister John Haynes Holmes.

Years ago when I was new in ministry, I devised the idea of a summer book communion as a way to honor the value our faith puts on learning. It also serves as a community-builder as we share our joy of reading with each other.

Pine Song Worship and Picnic

Make plans to join the UUFD community on Sunday August 29th when we’ll gather at the property of Ken and Lois Carpenter by the banks of the Pine River. We’ll begin worship at 10:30am (bring a chair), followed by a picnic (bring your own lunch). There’s no internet access there, so we’ll be in person only, and out-of-doors. Take County Road 501 until just before you reach the Vallecito Reservoir. Look for the sign at the Pine Song gate on the right.

Come Sunday

This Sunday, we’ll formally welcome our newest members, with cake and coffee to celebrate afterwards. Our summer book communion ceremony will fill the rest of the service. Please bring a book you are willing to part with. Bonnie Miller, Worship Associate and I will lead the service with Lawrence Nass as our musician. To join us online, log on here.

Always in the Love,

The Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris