February news from Faith Formation

“Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same. Fairness means everyone gets what they need.”

― Rick Riordan, The Red Pyramid

The concept of fair gets to the heart of proposed Article II values of justice and equity and also to the Golden Rule, which most of us learn soon after we learn to talk – to treat others the way we would like to be treated. Regardless of how we identify ourselves by ethnicity, religion, gender, identity, or any other criteria, we want to be seen for ourselves. It’s so clear, so simple. And yet, granting to everyone the justice and equity that we want for ourselves is at the root of almost every conflict we have with one another. This is true at the personal level and in our larger communities. Since this is true at the personal level, we might be left with this troubling and empowering realization: the change for a more equitable and just world begins with me.

Faith Formation in February

Sunday Faith Formation Focus

February 4 – Equity, equality, and justice

February 11 – Building better relationships

February 18 – Building a better community

February 24 – Living with one another in fairness, love, and joy

Faith Formation on February 11

Please join in the fun for a Valentine’s Party after service and before the town hall on February 11.  The children participating in Val Pals will find out who their secret Valentine is. This program is a fun way for children to develop relationships with adults in UUFD beyond their immediate circle.  In a word – new friendships.

Then, please join the Faith Formation Team and Staff at 11:30 for a town hall.  This is your chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know about faith formation programs for both children and adults. Bring your questions and your ideas.


Plans to offer OWL for elementary students has been put on hold until we have additional trained facilitators.  If you are an OWL trained facilitator for the Elementary Grades and have an interest in this program, please contact the Coordinator of Faith Formation, Sharon Mignerey.

Circles of Trust – Exploring “Habits of the Heart” began January 27

If you missed this and are still interested, please contact Rev. Barbara Coeyman at intmin@durangouu.org.

Personal Faith Development – the Gifts of Justice and Equity

“Suppose you had the revolution you are talking and dreaming about. Suppose your side had won, and you had the kind of society that you wanted. How would you live, you personally, in that society? Start living that way now!”  ~ Paul Goodman

This quote from writer and activist (during the 1960s) Paul Goodman directly addresses the affirmation we in UUFD acknowledge each Sunday with being an open and inclusive congregation.  Goodman invites us to walk our talk, and he offers specific suggestions.

  • Write down 8 things that would characterize the revolution and kind of society you dream about.
  • Write down 8 ways you would live differently than you do today in that dreamed of society.
  • Of those 8 ways you’d live differently, pick one and figure out a way to “start living that way now!”

Many of us in UUFD are involved in social justice—our walking of the talk.  I think Goodman’s invitation encourages us to go deeper into our personal practices and become more mindful in our daily living.  May it be so.