Healthy Congregations Committee formed

Group will propose processes for addressing conflict

The long-awaited Healthy Congregations Committee (HCC) has been formed and is in the nascent stages of developing its work in service to our beloved community. The committee, chaired by Sherrod Beall, is made up of UUFD members Kathleen Adams, Jim Brooke, Mary Hockett and Laurie Meininger. 

The HCC was created out of recognition within the congregation that conflict can occur within any group, and that when we learn to speak with each other directly and honestly from a position of respect, kindness and love, there are opportunities for growth. We also know that there may be times when we need to seek counsel from our community – hence the formation of the Healthy Congregations Committee.

Members have recently completed training with regional UUA leaders and are in the process of drafting a plan and processes for addressing conflict to present to the congregation. Look for more information on this important work in upcoming newsletters and announcements.

“We need not think alike to love alike” ~ Francis David