June is for PRIDE

With the confidence that a sense of community banishes isolation and loneliness,
may we live the Spirit of Pride.
With the rainbow flag flying high,
a sense of beloved community among us,
and the joy that comes from making new connections,
may we live the Spirit of Pride 

-Elizabeth Ketcham

Rev Katie’s Animas View

Dear Ones,

Rev Katie Kandarian-Morris

June celebrates Pride Month, but in a year like the one we’ve just gone through it doesn’t mean that LGBTQIA+ folx always need to radiate happiness. My queer friend has even created her own version of #pridepetpeeves with a deep exploration and awareness-raising of the complexities of identifiying as any part of LGBTQIA+ (she calls the acronym LGBTQIA2S to include “two spirit“).

On the UUA facebook page, friend of Unitarian Universalism, the Rev. Jacqui Lewis of Middle Collegiate Church, celebrates the artistry of Lil Nas X as he boldly expresses his identity as a gay man in the music video “Call Me By Your Name (Montero)” in her article for Harper’s Bazaar. Even after feeling coerced by religion to hide his full self, Lil Nas X uses biblical imagery to proclaim his own blessedness. As Rev. Lewis says, “our sexualities, genders, ethnicities—all these identities honor the complexity and beauty of God.”

And my picture of my favorite mochi donuts (above) comes from Third Culture Bakery, whose story celebrates what it means to be brought up in a third culture.

This June is a month for exploration and pride. Let’s learn and express our gorgeous dignity.

Missed Worship?

Sunday, June 6th, our LGBTQIA+ Team created a beautiful worship experience celebrating PRIDE month. You might want to watch it again, share it with friends, or bookmark it for future enjoyment.

Here it is.

Come Sunday

We continue the June theme of “Play” by offering worship from our UUFD parking lot this Sunday, June 13th. Park in the Needham Elementary School parking lot and walk around the corner to join us. Make sure to bring a flower for the Flower Communion bouquet, a chair to sit on, and your own beverage for coffee hour.

If you would like to join us online, you are welcome to logon here.

Always in the Love,

Rev. Katie