The search for the truth is a lifelong project. Our beliefs and understanding often change over time. This is wisdom.


The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango offers classes for parents to support them in the work of raising their children, for adults as they learn to navigate life’s difficult times and to explore theology, world religions, and our own ethics and values.

The Fellowship does not offer classes during the summer months. Please check back here in August 2020 to see our fall offerings.

Covenant Circles – Small Group Ministry

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango believes strongly in the importance of small group ministry. Covenant Circles is our small group ministry program. These are deep sharing groups of covenanted members who meet regularly to explore topics, often from our Soul Matters partners.

Covenant Circles meet for a finite period of time and then reform into new groups. This refreshing of group membership allows deep relationships to form between many members and provides changing diversity of theology to the groups. All members are encouraged to be part of Covenant Circles.