The search for the truth is a lifelong project. Our beliefs and understanding often change over time. This is wisdom.


The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango offers classes for parents to support them in the work of raising their children, for adults as they learn to navigate life’s difficult times and to explore theology, world religions, and our own ethics and values.

Upcoming classes:

Examining Whiteness

A Self Paced Class 

Examining Whitness is a Unitarian Universalist curriculum targeted to white individuals and groups who want to further their white anti-racist identities. The curriculum covers such topics as the history of white supremacy in the United States, the shaping of white identity by racism, white power and privilege, and developing a positive white identity. This is a self-paced class with Zoom meet ups as needed. The curriculum includes sections on:

    • The History of White Supremacy in the United States
    • The Emotional Lives of White People
    • Racial Identity Development
    • Racial Identity Journey
    • White Power and Privilege
    • Developing a Positive White Identity

The class is self paced supported with Zoom meet-ups. Enroll here.

What We Choose: Ethics for Unitarian Universalists

Six weekly sessions starting on Tuesday, February 2  at 6:00 on Zoom.

Join Interim Director of Faith Formation Sara Sautter as we explore ethics using ethical dilemmas as presented in scenarios and stories.

We are regularly faced with moral choices, big and small.

  • What is the most ethical course for a nation, and how much am I prepared to invest in advocating for that course?
  • How should morality or ethics enter my consumer decisions?
  • What must I do to follow the values of my Unitarian Universalist faith tradition?

Unitarian Universalism is a faith of deeds, not creeds. We believe our choices and actions matter. Where do we turn for guidance that will help us fulfill our own wish to live a moral life?

February 2 – Emerson: The Locus of Moral Authority.

February 9 – Kant: Unchanging Truths

February 16 – Unitarian Ethics: The Collective Good.

February 23 – Mahatma Gandi: Cultivating a Virtuous Character

March 2 – Natural, Legal and Human Rights: What Are Rights?

Please enroll here.

Covenant Circles – Small Group Ministry

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Durango believes strongly in the importance of small group ministry. Covenant Circles is our small group ministry program. These are deep sharing groups of covenanted members who meet regularly to explore topics, often from our Soul Matters partners.

Covenant Circles meet for a finite period of time and then re-form into new groups. This refreshing of group membership allows deep relationships to form between many members and provides changing diversity of theology to the groups. All members are encouraged to be part of Covenant Circles.

Please contact us here if you are interested in participating in a Covenant Circle.