News from Faith Formation

“You don’t stumble upon your heritage. It’s there, just waiting to be explored and shared.” Robbie Robertson, Musician

October marks the beginning of the busier-by-the-day holiday season that begins with Halloween.  With all these holidays, we each look forward to (or perhaps dread) the traditions of our families and communities that are part of our individual heritage.

Fall Festival Cancelled

The best laid plans … such is the case with the Fall Festival. It turns out to be the autumn break for District 9R, so there are conflicts with family plans plus so much else going on that most cannot attend.

The Fall Festival is cancelled. Many thanks to John Redemsky for his offer to host this event.

Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers Have Their Own Space

Have you noticed the transformation of the room at the back of the sanctuary?  This bright space is being used by the youngest UUFD children to have their own Sunday Faith Formation.

The preschoolers will follow the same schedule as the older children—in the sanctuary with their parents until Time for All Ages.  Then they will go to their new room at the back of the sanctuary.  Parents!  You must check in your children when you arrive for service so we can safely care for them. See the assigned teacher who will be at the back of the sanctuary before the start of service (and who will be on the lookout for you). Please pick up your child(ren) by fifteen minutes after the end of service.

We still need a few more volunteers so we are calling on people only once a month.  If you’d like to help ONE SUNDAY PER MONTH, please reach out to Sharon Mignerey.

Multi-Gen Service Coming October 28

The children and youth of UUFD are planning and will lead our worship service on October 28, exploring the important heritage of Day of the Dead. The end of service will be marked with the annual Halloween parade, when kids get to show off their costumes.

Sharon Mignerey, Coordinator of Faith Formation

Harrison Wendt, Youth Coordinator of Faith Formation