Oh honey

Oh honey, I said
—for once
without a trace of irony or blush of shame—

“from “Self Compassion” by James Crews

Rev. Katie’s Animas View

Dear Ones,

Rev Katie Kandarian-Morris

I don’t think I need to remind you how this can be the most difficult time of year, a time when depression hides in the shadows, or old grief comes back stealthily. If we’re not struggling with it ourselves, we love someone who is.

My colleague has developed a healing/strengthening/self compassion practice, inspired by the poem, “Self Compassion” by James Crews which she has generously shared. I hope you try it here.

Let’s remember to not only give those dear ones we love compassion, but be generous in offering compassion and kindness to ourselves.

Worship service TONIGHT

We would love have you join us for the mid-week meditative service tonight at the UUFD sanctuary (5:30pm).

Marilyn Garst has prepared some resplendent pieces, and Sheryl Guy will join me as worship associate as I offer some readings, solstice stories, and a bit of quiet (just a bit, not too much) for some peace in the darkness.

The service is brief, just 30 minutes, but on your way home you might drive past some lights, grab some dinner at a drive through, or make other plans for a peacefilled evening.

I think this quiet service is perfectly appropriate for children, too, since it’s short. Please come and bring your whole family.

Come Sunday

As the pandemic continues, safety continues as a value, so the N95 mask requirement is still in place for in-person worship.

Sunday will offer my favorite worship tradition, the no-rehearsal Christmas pageant. We need kids to show up–and adults, I know you are ready to be a mouse or a dove or a wise guy. Join us in person or online here. Stay after for treats, tree decorating and a surprise Celebration of Ministry (I don’t know what is planned–eek).

Always in the Love,

The Rev. Katie Kandarian-Morris