Orlando Mass Shooting

UUA President the Rev. Peter Morales issued this statement in response to the tragic night club shooting in Orlando, FL:

Like people everywhere, I am horrified and distraught at the news of the killings at an Orlando gay night club. What is even more distressing is that this is but the latest in a long line of mass shootings. Our thoughts go to the victims, both the dead and the survivors, and the people close to them. May they find comfort and strength.

Unfortunately, this is the kind of violence that is predictable when hatred and fear are aroused by demagogues and when firearms are easily available. There are about 100 gun deaths per day in the United States. Only mass shootings are newsworthy. This is madness.

May all people of good will, people of all faiths and no faith, renew our determination to end racism, end demonization of those of other faiths, end homophobia, and create a society where access to lethal weapons has some rational control. Otherwise we will wait helplessly for the next atrocity.