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Poetry and Not Theology

Early 20th century Unitarian minister John Haynes Holmes wrote, “When I Say God it is poetry and not theology.” Let us discover the language as April is Poetry Month. We’ll create our own haikus today. 

Keep On Moving Forward

Our mental health and spiritual endurance has been tested. It might be that all you can do right now is to keep on keepin’ on, despite all that is coming at you.

On this Palm Sunday, how might the ancient stories translate to what we … read more.

Being Loved Through Loving

We mark a year since online worship.  As we celebrate generosity and our relationship to making this a flourishing congregation, let’s feel the joy this spiritual community can bring.

After worship, all are invited to participate in Celebration Sunday’s Dazzle Drive Through at the UUFD … read more.

Keeping Faith

The verse sings out, “We shall be known by the company we keep.” We keep faith with the source of life, the community of resistance. We are a community of covenant even (especially?) in times of struggle.  

The choir sings.