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By the Book

The Sunday New York Times features a regular column on writers and what has influenced them. How might we answer the questions they are asked, such as, ‘what’s on your nightstand?’, ‘your favorite book as a child?’, ‘what book most influenced you?’ Bring a book … read more.

It is Time Now!

Click here for the link for the July 25 service.

Let’s look at the opportunities we have in this great turning for deeper connection to one another, to our community, to our world.

The Goddess is Alive and Magic is Afoot

Click here for the link for the July 18 service.

How might deep spiritual practice enable strength, confidence and certainty in life? Emphasizing inclusion, love and stewardship of Nature, positivity and bonds of loyalty and support, Paganism lifts up the same principles … read more.

Note on the Journey

Click here for the link for the July 11 service.

The journey is responding to our times with a deep time perspective and conscious intention.  What might be ours to do in this Great Turning?