Climate Justice: Toward Equity, Resilience and Sustainability

Today’s worship is part of our Summer Series, “Coping with the Climate Crisis.”

We have known that the Earth’s climate is changing for decades. We are in a period of growing awareness of the increasingly severe effects brought on by those changes.

The complexities of the short and long-term implications of these changes are staggering and scary. The variety of ways that we can potentially affect the outcome are mind boggling. Our emotions range from denial to despair to hope to dedicated action. How shall we proceed?

Seven thoughtful and environmentally involved members of UUFD and the Durango community will offer their thoughts and suggestions for how we can cope. Tom is a member of UUFD and Team Lead for UUFD’s Environmental Justice Team. A former Management Psychologist, he is very concerned about the the world his grandkids (and theirs) will inherit.