Deeply Worthy, Deeply Fallible

Every day the news of the world can break our hearts. Though our Unitarian and Universalist forebears were optimistic about humans’ capacity for working together to enact goodness in the world, some days we wonder if the Calvinists had a point when they said humanity was “utterly depraved.” We have such high ideals yet we are so deeply fallible, both on the world stage and at UUFD. This is why we need religious community: a people and a place that draw us into the best of our natures. Covenant is a sacred agreement we make within, among, and beyond ourselves to live wisely, compassionately, and lovingly together. Join us for a reflection on our deep worth, our deep fallibility, and the agreements that can guide us.

Worship will be followed by lunch and a Workshop, “Co-Creating Our Covenant,” led by Rev. Millspaugh.

Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh joined the Pacific Western Region’s Congregational Life staff in July 2016. With experience as a parish minister, curriculum developer, and lay leader, she serves as the primary contact for several congregations across the western US. Sarah works with all PWR congregations as a specialist in conflict transformation, safety, professional boundaries, and misconduct. Additionally, she serves on the UUA Mosaic Team, which is creating and curating resources for anti-racist/anti- oppressive/multicultural transformation in our congregations. Sarah lives and works in San Diego, CA.