Finding Liberating Love in Repentance and Repair

“Article II,” the new values statement for Unitarian Universalism, is up for final approval at the 2024 General Assembly. Liberating Love is the central value in this statement, around which six other values — pluralism, interdependence, equity, generosity, justice, evolution — revolve.

Last fall many at UUFD explored a new model for advancing liberating love through Repentance and Repair, the current UUA Common Read by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg. Ruttenberg’s five-step method for repair from hurt, harm, and conflict invites new dimensions of love which are liberating and deeply covenantal.

After the service, enjoy a light lunch followed by “Conversation with Rev. Barbara,” an opportunity for congregants to reflect with the interim minister on this period of transitioning here at UUFD.