Pinesong Retreat

As it is Pinesong Weekend, there will be no service today at UUFD’s Durango campus.

Building community and awareness around our responses to climate change – Today’s worship is part of our Summer Series, “Coping with the Climate Crisis.”

Rev. Munro will conduct Vespers and Sunday Service. Heidi will deliver custom workshop to help us enhance our personal response to climate change.

So That The People May Live: What are we willing to sacrifice for the greater good?  How do we give as much or more than we take?  What are the boundaries we will not cross, even if we are in great need? The underlying principle to all of these questions is that of self-control; the ability to defer gratification; the ability to place the needs of the whole and the greater good ahead of one’s own selfish interests.  How might we do that in our world – and the world to come?

Saturday am Workshop with Dr. Heidi Steltzer – Connecting to create of the environmental future we desire :How we approach transformative change for ourselves and our world can shift the nature of what is possible, summoning energy and fostering connection and cooperation. Together we will explore the difficult feelings that arise due to the damaging environmental changes taking place on our planet. We will reflect on our values that underlie these difficult feelings and explore the actions we can take towards changing the systems that constrain our future. Through individual and collective commitment to act, we can create a future consistent with our core values.