Targeted minister success: Board hires two ministers to share part-time responsibilities

On Tuesday, Dec 28, after a short and intense search, the Board voted unanimously to agree to a contract with two ministers who will share part-time responsibilities as our new Targeted Ministers. Their job will be to provide essential ministerial support for the next six months while we apply for and hopefully find an Interim Minister to start in July or August of 2022. The role of the interim minister will be to assist us in the discernment we need to get us ready to select our next Settled Minister to start in the Fall of 2024. 

The new ministers are Rev. Gary Kowalski and Rev. Munro Sickafoose. Both currently live in Santa Fe and co-pastor the Taos UU congregation once a month each. 

There are likely a lot of questions about this transition. See below to read all about the details.