As a child and teenager, the Episcopal Church gave me an appreciation for ritual and a sense of mystery. Later, in graduate school and as a college teacher, I was drawn to books, art, music and experiences that celebrated Nature, the seasons and transitions in the natural world. Using poetry, art, dance and solitary rituals, I developed my own spiritual path.

In Durango several women and I formed a Goddess-oriented Pagan Circle. For 20 plus years, we have followed the Wiccan Way, giving devotion to the Triple Goddess, the cycles of creation and transition and turning the wheel of the year.

Recent experience with the UUFD showed me a connection to a community of thought and belief that was compatible with my personal views and my dedication to inclusion, diversity and progressive action. My husband and I became members.

Here my Goddess-based path is validated and accepted, and my perspective is expanded by exposure to other religions and philosophies. My life is enriched through action, new relationships and friendships, and a feeling of pride in belonging to a community that does good in the world.