The latest news: Please note Congregational Meeting on April 28

Candidating Week is coming soon! Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 21 – Sunday, April 28. That week will be your chance to meet and greet our candidate, to ask questions, and to extend our welcome to our fellowship.

Following are some details about the schedule for the week:

Sunday, April 21 – The candidate will be in our pulpit. During the week, our teams and committees will have a chance to meet the candidate. There will also be times set aside for other Q & A and for those who would like to drop by to say hello.

We also need your attendance at our service on Sunday, April 28, either on Zoom or in person. After the candidate is again in our pulpit, there will be a Congregational Meeting to vote on calling the candidate to be our minister. As long as you are present for the meeting – either on Zoom or in person – you may vote. Per UUA guidelines, proxies will not be accepted for this vote.

Thank you for your input; your time sharing your thoughts, priorities, and concerns; and especially your patience as we have navigated the intricate waters of this extensive, significant process.

In Grateful Covenant,

-Your MSC Team (Allison Andersen, Bonnie Miller, Connie Jacobs, Lisa McCorry, Liz Volz, Sheryl Guy, and Tim Miller)